This tumblr was create to remember funny/stupid Chair crap on the TV show Gossip Girl. We will also quote its hilarious fandom (not generalizing). BTW, It's just a joke, ok?
Read "About" for complementary information and to get the main idea of this tumblr. Yes, I follow back.


undisclosedvisions asked
Just so you know- Chuck knew the dowry would cost the Waldorfs, but he wasn't aware that it would cost them EVERYTHING. There's a difference. His face when he realized it would be EVERYTHING shows that even if you weren't paying attention. I don't approve of what you're doing, but my approval doesn't matter- I just think you should be more courteous to others and their opinions. Dair and Chair fans hate each other simultaneously but that's not reason to further fuel the fire.

So it makes him look better? And as far as I know he was a aware of it.
Actually I think you’re the one that’s putting fuel in the fire. I’m not exactly going to any chair fans boss my opinion on them. They’re the ones doing it here because they want. I’m not forcing them.
And I think this “war” itself is stupid. People take shit so seriously that it’d be funny if it wasn’t tragic.

Might change the name to “makingfunofgg” I could do that even if I don’t pay much attention to anyone besides Blair. The Chair thing here is really tough to some people to handle.

Anonymous asked
okay seriously, you need to stop with this blog. i'm a dair fan, and as much as i dislike chair, you creating an entire blog dedicated to pointing out why you think they suck is just immature and rude. everyone has their own opinion, and CB fans are totally entitled to enjoying their couple without people making fun of them and the ship that they like. you are make dair fans look bad! hate blogs are just that: HATE. how can you condone that when this GG fandom is already so intolerant as it is?

You don’t need to say you’re a dair shipper. It doesn’t give you more credit. I’m also not representing Dair fans. You think I’m.

I’m here just doing my thing, and people keep visiting here and sending questions to a blog they don’t like/don’t agree. I don’t get it.

aussiekatt asked
While I understand the point of this tumblr, it may have been funnier if it hadn't been done about five times before. You're not really bringing anything new here, so really there is no point to you. And a suggestion, you might want to look up the word contradiction. You say you only get concerned about important things. You are obviously concerned enough about this fictional couple to waste your time creating a tumblr and having to go through the tracked tag to get your material.

Well, since I don’t own tumblr, I don’t know all the blogs that are around, so I’m sorry if I’m that dumb. I also don’t remember of saying it’s the first, it’s original or whatever.
I don’t see how I’m contradicting myself. What I mean as concerned is like, being worried or something. And by that I’m not really worried about people opinion ab my ship or making fun of it (you just need to read the questions below), it’s not like I’m crying or angry about their comments, usually I found them nothing but interesting. I know some fans act like some ships are the main reason to breath (not me, even though I love a certain shio) and others devote a lot of time on bashing the other ship, I know. If you get the point of this blog, you probably get that I may have a different sense of humor and so does others, it’s just for fun because some of the content are actually funny.

I don’t really know what you guys want sending me this kind of question. I might stop answering it soon.

mosbatskys asked
It doesn't matter whether or not you tag posts chair, this blog is a joke and shouldn't even exist. This is just pure ship bashing and it's not at all a joke. I don't think you'd like it if someone made a blog making a joke out of your ship. This is just pathetic.

You’re right. It is a joke indeed. You’re smart. And sorry, it’s not bashing, all the things I’ve posted here it’s things that actually happens/happened, if you realize how stupid some of this are like Chuck bankrupting Blair’s family and evertyhing, you’ll see I did nothing, they did it all by themselves and I’m just posting it.
And since when do you know me to say that? Girl, I couldn’t careless if people do a blog to make fun of it, I only get concerned about important things, and not about what someone things about my ship, this is pathetic. But I do like to see what they think, because I found a lot of quotes entertaining. But, whatever, I don’t own you an explanation, right?

Anonymous asked
What a stupid blog!hahaha.Your ship will not be endgame,sorry

Really? I’m so worried about that.

Anonymous asked
Someone said it's not nice to make fun of things people like or ship... Well, you know what's *actually* not nice? Abusive relationships! duh. Keep making fun of Chair, my friend. You're making the world a better place.



I’m not going to tag Chair on my posts about them because a nice chair fan asked me, and some of you had a great point, so this is not going to happen anymore.

I’ll keep quoting funny sentences of some fans either way, but I’ll block their names so we’ll respect their privacy. If I keep the username there this can be actually disrespectful (and I just realized it now) and it’s not my intention.

And this blog is just for fun, and not hate. And please, don’t take things to seriously.

Good night, everyone.