This tumblr was create to remember funny/stupid Chair crap on the TV show Gossip Girl. We will also quote its hilarious fandom (not generalizing). BTW, It's just a joke, ok?
Read "About" for complementary information and to get the main idea of this tumblr. Yes, I follow back.


Anonymous asked
Thank you for agreeing not to tag Chair, as someone who has shipped both Chair and Dair at some point in the series, I like when the hate stays to a minimum, or at least is satyrical :)

You’re welcome.
It’s not about hate, you know? I have zillions of Chair fans (including some of my best friends) and I don’t hate any chair shipper, I just don’t like Chuck and Blair as couple and recently I found out that not only some sls are funny, but some chair fans freaking out on tumblr, twitter, or any other social network are too and after seeing a lot of this on tumblr, I decide to collect them because some of them are actually amusin (obviously not for everyone).
Anyway, they never did anything to me (except harass me on twitter, and call me dumb, not a real gossip girl fan, but I can’t blame the entire fandom for this). But yeah, it’s satyrical. 

prepscool asked
Well, I'm sorry if your blog is on the Blair Waldorf tag.

And because of that you have to come here and criticize it? You’re free to do it, but nobody is forcing you, sweetheart.
Let’s do an ugly comparison here, ok? I just wanna make you understand this.
For example, if you search “porn” on google, i think you’ll get all kinds of porn, right? And there’s things you might not like, like lesbianism. You found it on google, and you don’t like it, why would you visit a site with lesbian content? Just think about it, xoxo.

Anonymous asked
we're saying you can say whatever you want but PLEASE keep them out of the chair tag, i don't understand why you want to hurt and offend people. i'm being completely honest. keep the blog. but keep it in the dair tag.

It’s off furniture tag already. I don’t really wanna hurt or offend people but I did make fun of it. Offending to me is more like “you’re stupid” “you’re dumb” etc. If someone did that to me, I’d not care, but people react in different ways in different situations, I know.
And thanks gor your honesty too. 

carterena asked
As much as I get that there are chair fans that tag their posts with dair tags as much as dair fans tag with chair, don't you think that you could be the bigger person in this and not tag your posts with chair? most of our fandom isn't about tagging our stuff with dair, and by tagging chair it's just more fuel for an impossible never-ending war-like thing. thanks.

You guys won, i wont tag Chair.
And thanks for being polite. I really appreciate that. 

Anonymous asked
I think it's better if you don't tag Chair. This blog is only good as an inside joke, otherwise this will only heat up these silly little ship wars which is really unnecessary.

You have a point. I won’t tag them then. I might get tired of being harassed by them at some point, and I may not want to copy and paste all the things I’ve said before.
I should have predicted this was going to happen anyway.

prepscool asked
This blog is probably the worst I've ever seen on tumblr. I don't find it funny to laugh at what people like. It's not even about Chair/Dair/whatsoever. These people have opinions and they'd like to be respected. Not being pointed at. This is beyond immaturity.

I can please everyone. And I don’t plan to. But I suggest you to don’t visit blogs that annoys you. It’s a good start.

Anonymous asked
who would want to go into the tag of their ship and see themselves (literally thanks for screenshotting us) being made fun of? we don't do that to you guys. i don't care what you do with this blog honestly it's your prerogative and your right to have it just try to keep it either out of the chair tag or without showing what actual users are saying. it's one thing for you to do it for entertainment but when dair fans start reblogging and making fun of people, it's not right.

who would want to go into the tag of their ship and see themselves being made fun of?
Well, I can’t speak for anyone but me, but if this happens, I couldn’t care less. Even though I love Dair and it keeps me really entertained, my life doesn’t depend of Chair thoughts about them or me (except when it’s something funny).
Why it’s not right? Your coming here because you want, I’m not asking you to come here read all of this. I go after Chairios thoughts about Dair or the show itself because i find it delightful, and not to start a war or whatever. And I’ve seen a lot of Chair fans making fun of Dair, Penn (which is ridiculous, bc idg y they offend the actor), or even offending some dair shippers, and I did nothing. I didn’t come after them, sending anonymous messages to annoy them. I have this weird belief that people are allowed to say whatever they want on internet.

Anonymous asked
uh, they can't show them nude on the fucking cw...

Yes, I know. But they’re usually half naked like, wearing bra and panties and the guy is shirtless or sth. But Chuck never takes his shirt off…

Anonymous asked
lol omg creating a blog to hate on a ship? Just a little bit pathetic.

Excuse me? It’s not for hating on a ship, but catching it’s funny things for our entertainment. Maybe it’s a joke you’ll never get.

Anonymous asked
it's just that, ok you want to make fun of them. but why are you putting it in their fucking tag that is just rude. you're saying you respect their opinions yet you're screenshotting things they answer. can you just not tag them chair

As I said before, I’ll think about it. But I honestly don’t get why it’s such a big deal. It’s like, chairios own this tag or what? I’m my head (correct me if i’m wrong) you tag thing you’re talking about, and if I’m talking about Chair, it just make sense to tag them.
I don’t really care if people use dair or blair tag to bash them or make fun of them, bc I don’t own the tags or tumblr itself and it doesn’t makes me mad at all (as you can see, i think it’s actually funny).

As I said before, I think people are allowed to ship whatever they want, like Blair and Rufus, Dan and Lily, Chuck and Serena, it’s not really my problem, so I respect that. A lot of Chair fans go on my twitter and send me hate messages or just stupid things, and I think this is in fact disrespectful. But if they don’t agree with me, quote me and make fun of it, I don’t really care. I don’t take things so seriously. People should just relax. But I’ll block their names and user pics from now to avoid thei exposure. 

And this blog is for entertainment only, not trying to instigate trouble, but people see what they wanna see.