This tumblr was create to remember funny/stupid Chair crap on the TV show Gossip Girl. We will also quote its hilarious fandom (not generalizing). BTW, It's just a joke, ok?
Read "About" for complementary information and to get the main idea of this tumblr. Yes, I follow back.


Hello, world! Let’s laugh a little bit, shall we?

So, I just wanna say that I’ve created this tumblr, because with all this Dair-epicness happening (my opinion) the Gossip Girl fandom become such a joke (besides the wars). So Chuckistans are disturbing Dair fans (and being disturbed back, probably), GGWriters (ok, they kind of deserve it, bc first half of this season was just painful) and the poor Norman Buckley, besides using terrible arguments in defense of their ships including claiming Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick, Penn Badgley and maybe even an useless extra in, idk, Two and a Half Man ships Chair.

The point is to make fun of Chairios, but making fun of what it’s fun like their arguments or stupid storyliness in the show, and not of them in general. Even though I personally can’t understand how someone would support such a boring ship with lame scenes and lines, or stan for an abusive guy that whispers too much, I respect their opinion and they’re free to ship whatever they want. Even if I thinks it’s stupid, lame, etc.

This tumblr is just for fun and entertainment of Gossip Girl fans that hate Chuck Bass, Chair, their fandom, or all of it. The idea just came today because it’s actually funny all the replys @norbuck and @ggwriters get (and comments in certain websites as well). I just caught myself laughing my ass off today, and I realized someone should collect it all for our entertainment, so that’s exactly what I’ll try to do.

We do not intend in personally ofendind anyone. So we apologize if this happens eventually.

So feel free to follow, love, hate, etc.

If you have a funny Chair fact (about the couple itself, or something ridiculous one of their fans said, send us a question or you can email us: We also might use chair and dair tags in our posts.